Welcome to the Farmers Association of Montserrat Foothills

Welcome to the Farmers Association of Montserrat Foothills

A landscape and a land with such a rich history. Dryness. Hardness. Character. This apparent wasteland is actually an area where expert and fearless hands produce the most beautiful and delicious fruits you have ever tasted. Welcome home.

Who are we?

The farmers’ association “Associació de Pagesos del Peudemont de Montserrat” arises from our will to unite all farmers based in the mountain of Montserrat through our sweat.
We want to promote a friendlier and fairer sale for all parties. We would like you to know where your food come from and how hard it is to produce it.

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Montserratí Products and Farmers

The foothills of Montserrat gathers more than 15 farmers scattered over the territory in cottages and large farms. All of them are making a sustainable use of the typical climate and geology of the region, to which they have adapted perfectly, acting as experts of dry farming and livestock breeding.

You may find a great variety of regional goods produced in accordance with the guidelines of organic agriculture and livestock breeding: orchards, Vera and Palomar (local olive varieties) oil, wines and cavas, Black chicken, veal meat, saffron and much more. Have a look!

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  • Artisan Beer
  • Black Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Olive Oil
  • Orchard
  • Veal
  • Wines and cava

Montbruc – Olive oil

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the olives of our centenary olive trees in the Montserrat Foothills.

L’Avi Quimet – Olive oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil Vera and Arbequina. Ecological olive trees and the same field that my great grandfather, grandfather and father worked with.