I started to produce oil because of my family, although I consider myself an entrepreneur and everything that refers to agriculture and contact with nature gives me positive energy and makes me feel happy. Climatology apart, a tree always will support you, “if you love it, it will never fail you”.

I have been producing Vera, Palomar and Arbequina oil for some years now. My grandfather used to be a farmer and produce wine, this whole farming thing is a family story.

Despite the current efforts in this sector there is still a lot of work to ensure production and marketing get competitive, or in other words to do things well. An area hosting centuries-old trees, such as ours, shall be preserved and granted the space and recognition it does deserve

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Cal Mestre Xic

Olive oil of the varieties Vera, Palomar and Arbequina

Bruc del Mig, 27
08294 EL BRUC
Eduard Alemany
(+34) 654 04 67 62

Oli Cal Mestre Xic El Bruc