My grandparents and my father already used to cultivate vines, olive trees…We managed to obtain and restore the Can Farrés estate, with its abandoned century-old olive fields and we started to cultivate them again with dedication and sacrifice.

Local native varieties are the so-called Vera and Palomar, though we have been planting new olive trees of the same varieties and we have added new ones such as the Arbequina variety.

Our olive groves are located in a privileged area right below the Montserrat Mountain.

We are in love with olive oil and every year we try to improve our products quality.

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Can Farrés

Olive oil varieties Vera, Palomar and Arbequina.

Bruc del Mig, 96 (baixos)
08294 EL BRUC
Joan Torras
(+34) 609 831 748