Dried bean from Castellfollit del Boix

We produce dried beans and soon we will obtain the denomination of origin of Castellfollit del Boix due to its characteristics. These beans have features that make them unique, with a very thin skin, a nice flavor and a skin that does not fall when boiled.

100% organic.


We elaborate 100% organic saffron, for now in small quantities. Last year we started a small production with 60 bulbs, and this year we have grown 600 of them, knowing that each bulb produces 3 flowers in the first year. This amount of flower corresponds to the production of approximately two or three milligrams of saffron.

This crop used to be grown in all the farmhouses for own consumption.

Saffron has to be collected with tweezers and the best time of the year to harvest is in October. Our goal is to market saffron in the very close future.


We produce all year round winter and summer orchards, such as cabbages, chard, carrots, artichokes, calçots (green onions), melons, zucchinis, celery, tomatoes…

All these products are 100% organic and biodynamic, grown in accordance with a cycle-based calendar specific to each plant species; that is why each year is different.

We have been producing vegetables for three years with a great enthusiasm, perseverance and commitment.

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Orchard, saffron and dried bean

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