We brew our own artisan beer using a recipe containing water from El Bruc, malts and an herbal infusion from our land called “rock tea”. Hence, our name and passion for rock music.

Our beer has 5.6 volumes an IBU (International Bitterness Unit) of 21. Its strong flavor accompanies vegetables and meats very well. Unlike industrial beer that is pasteurized, natural beer is natural and ferments are alive, that is why they should be served within a year from their production date.

In Spain, there is still a long way to go as the country is the European leader in terms of beer consumption, but is the one that produces the least quantity of it. 

To buy our beer you can call us. We also regularly attend craft beer fairs, you can follow us on Facebook and be aware of our movements!

“La Rockera”

Artisan Beer “La Rockera”

Bruc del Mig, 98
08294 EL BRUC
Eduard Alemany
(+34) 654 04 67 62
Abel Jorba
(+34) 669 24 26 99