The 4 Vents consist in ruins located in the area of the farmhouses of La Guàrdia.

The old tenants’ cottage has becomes the core of a small cattle and chicken exploitation that operates different farms in the area.

This project emerged with the aim of transforming a poor, fragile, abandoned and mistreated land into a clean, green, beloved and fertile place where wildfires struggle and are no longer common.

Our cattle graze every day of the year, some days fields are greener and some others they turn to yellow, which explains the dryness we are facing. As you may know by the way, nature is more abundant on dry land. Besides, we only lock up the chickens at nightfall because nights are dark and dangerous in our region.

For now, you may buy Black Penedès chicken, and we are starting to sell young veal. All our meats are organic and certified by CCPAE (Catalan Council of Ecological Production).

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To buy our products you can call us, send an email or go to the Hortet del Bruc.

L’Estable dels 4 Vents

Black Penedès Chicken and veal (organic)

Jordi Correro
(+34) 681 623 293