For more than five generations the Esteve family has been cultivating olive trees in the village of El Bruc. The great-grandparents were the ones who planted the olive trees that generously produce fruits today.

As heirs of this legacy, we feel obliged to bring the oil made from the olives of our century-old olive trees to final customers. All this combined with our passion for the land, love, dedication and care for a quality job has led us to create Montbruc, a product with high benefit.

Respect for nature and olive trees are our essential motivations to cultivate crops in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The agricultural family farm is located in a special area, the one of dry lands. Montbruc oil is elaborated only with olives from our own farms in order to provide consumers with a maximum quality and traceability.

Montbruc combines all this and much more.

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Extra virgin olive oil. Vera variety

08294 EL BRUC
Jaume Esteve Masferrer
(+34) 622 026 018